Sailing the world on our own yacht was something we had been discussing since we first met in 2005. The idea of being able to move and see the world freely was a dream we imagined we would only fulfil in the future. Coming to a cross roads on what to do next, we were inspired by the idea once more when we partnered together with Rufus and Kate. 

A drive up to Port Owen, a small seaside town along the South African West Coast, at the end of 2010 held the anticipation and excitement of a dream becoming a reality. Melody was a in bad shape when we first saw her but she held the potential we were looking for. In one crazy decision - she was ours.

Melody spent almost two years moored in Harbour Island, Gordon's Bay, where we put countless hours of hard work into her. Preparing her for our journey was a challenging task but it  kept things interesting and exciting. Rufus and Kate had the wonderful opportunity to go up and work in Zambia. While the two of us remained in South Africa, gaining valuable work experience in our fields and spending weekends working on Melody. Rufus and Kate returned at the beginning of 2012 and together we worked on Melody full time,  while Wilhlem completed two RP- 37 racing yachts.  In September 2012 we were finally ready to leave.

The feeling of accomplishment when rounding the spectacular Cape Point and seeing Table Mountain reseeding into the distance as we made our way up to Saldanha Bay is difficult to describe. Finally leaving South Africa a couple of weeks later was absolutely surreal. The first half of the Atlantic crossing was a challenging time with unhappy seas and countless overcast days all the way to St Helena but I would take it on again in a second. The remainder of the crossing was fantastic, with perfect weather and raising sea temperatures - my fondness memory is of jumping off the security of the boat and into the indescribably beautiful blue water and the freedom one gets from letting go.

The four of us travelled a long way together. Having dreamed, worked, and crossed an ocean, it was a sad day when Rufus and Kate made the difficult decision to go back to Zambia. Sadder still was when we had to finally say good bye to our team mates at the end of 2012. With the two of us remaining, we made the decision to carry on with our journey, to see as much as possible and enjoy the freedom that this adventure has given us - Join us as we venture off the line.