Wil and I are back in St Maarten and after much brain racking, with regards to our faulty engine, we decided to finally remove our injector pump and have a mechanic look at it. It turned out that no one does this type of work on the Island which meant we had to send it to the States to be fixed. In turn they told us that it was completely shot and the pump would require a few new parts which, to our dismay, have to be sent from the UK.

We hope that it will arrive within a week so that we can install it and then quickly head to the BVI's to pick up Janneman and Robyn!!! We are super excited about seeing our awesome friends who are visiting us all the way from South Africa - Happy days!

With all our engine problems and the obvious financial implications I've decided to try and sell some of my art works in digital format, either for printing or for use in graphical projects. Check out the ART tab at the top of the page if you're interested in making a purchase.