All four of us suffer from some form of motion sickness, to varying degrees. We have tried many of the mainstream 'cures or preventions' i.e. various medications, pressure point arm bands, 'no coffee before we go out on the water' tricks, etc etc.

In an effort to find a drug free, more health conscious and long term solution, Rufus did an online search and came across the Puma Method, a couple of months ago:

'Simple habituation exercises prevent motion sickness without the use of devices or drugs.The exercises take only about 15 minutes a day to do and conditioning starts right away.In as little as one week you can begin to enjoy activities that used to make you feel ill.Best of all, your conditioning level is maintained as you enjoy all these new activities!'

After approching the Puma team, they very kindly sponsored us a complimentary copy of both their video download and dvd. We cannot wait to get started with the exercises and report back with good news! For more info visit their website here.

Thanks again to Dr Sam & Susan Puma for their contribution to our (seasickness free!) dream.